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Stephen King’s On Writing… A Memoir Of The Craft


My wife always tells me that I am really hard to buy for. Why? Because I tend to go out and get the things that I want or need… and when I don’t, I am pretty particular about what I want… things like make, model, and color matter to me. She had all but given […]

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Why Blog?


Anybody who pays attention to this blog knows… that for the most part… I write a lot. Its a pretty big commitment… and while I have gotten better over the past few years… I still sometimes spend 2-3 hours on a single post. So… one question I ask myself periodically is why I am doing […]

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7 Tips to Get Started Blog Writing


Man… time sure does fly. I was looking over some old posts and realized that I started writing this blog almost two years ago. That got me thinking a little bit about blog writing and how my writing has changed over the past few years. I thought I’d take a moment to explore what I’ve […]

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