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Slideshare Beta…. The Agile PMP: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Slideshare Beta…. The Agile PMP: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

The past few days, I have been trying to figure out the best way to upload (and share) slide show presentations with my Leading Agile readers. LinkedIn offers a SlideShare plug-in but I have to send people to my LinkedIn profile in order to see them. I would rather direct traffic someplace that adds more value.

I am experimenting now with a full blown SlideShare account to see if I can embed a link right into this blog post. Please give me you feedback on how it works out. Once I test this out on… we’ll give it a try on

This is my deck from last weeks Agile Development Practices conference titled ‘The Agile PMP: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks. The talk went really well and got outstanding feedback. Please post a reply if you have technical difficulties

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Comments (5)

  1. Artem

    On Google Reader from Firefox everything works fine except for “View on SlideShare” button. It has no effect.

    BTW, Mike, since you were browsing though the SlideShare features, is there a way to:
    1. Let people download actual PPT or PDF composed from PPT?
    2. Let only certain people view/download the slides?

  2. Kevin E. Schlabach

    Looks good! Checked in FF3 in both RSS and this blog post.

  3. Søren Raaschou

    Great presentation – Thanks

  4. brianwlink

    Mike, great presentation. I especially like how you’ve kept it high level and explained the principles without getting bogged down in the implementation details. Truly great agile execution relies on these details (and a great PM/scrum master) but for most, good enough agile can be accomplished and learned through what you’ve shared in this presentation. It’s a great start for people making the transition – I hope many people learn from you and give agile a try.

  5. Mike Cottmeyer

    Thanks for the kind words Brian.

    Most people talk about the implementation details first and traditional PMs get lost because no one has explained to them the foundational paradigm shift (in words they understand).

    They are trying to map the agile details into waterfall organizations and it does not make sense. I think this talk provides a solid base for more detailed discussions.


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