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Adopting Agile Presentation

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Adopting Agile Presentation

Last night I had a great opportunity to deliver this slide deck to the Turner Agile User Group here in Atlanta. The talk was on Adopting Agile in the Enterprise. I am still working on the overall message and consider the presentation in beta. This will end up being the deck that I do for the Oredev conference in Malmo later this year.

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Comments (3)

  1. Alex

    Thanks again for giving the talk! I’ve gotten some positive feedback from several folks. Wish more of our upper management could have come…

  2. Mike Cottmeyer

    Your welcome… let me know if you’d like me to come back and give the talk to your execs.

  3. Kevin E. Schlabach

    Nice… definitely a few nuggets in here that are new/helpful!


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