Cutter Executive Report: Rethinking the Agile Enterprise

WRITTEN BY Mike Cottmeyer

My good friend Dennis Stevens and I just finished up our Cutter Executive Report titled ‘Rethinking the Agile Enterprise’. The paper is now out in print and available for download via the Cutter website.
For regular readers of Leading Agile… you’ll notice many of the same ‘scaling agile’ themes I talk about here quite often. The report explores why small team agile works and how the enterprise can transition from small teams to projects… to portfolios… and ultimately scale agile out across the entire enterprise. Dennis and I talk about specific learning outcomes that have to take place along the way and introduce a model called ‘Capability Analysis’ that will help organizations think differently about where they focus their investments.

The site will require a promotional code (RETHINKING) and you will have to give the Cutter Consortium your name and address information in order to receive the paper. Download the paper now and let me know what you think!
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