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Interesting Post… 8/2/2009 through 8/9/2009

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Interesting Post… 8/2/2009 through 8/9/2009

Okay… time for the second installment of “Interesting post…”. Last week I decided to aggregate all the great content I share over Twitter into a single blog post. The only comment to the post was from one of my regular readers… Kevin Schlabach:

But having said that… I’m not sure this will work for blog format. The Twitter thing is about knowing where the crowd is forming and talking. Here, it just feels cluttered noisy, and aged… yesterday’s information. Try it out… I’m curious how others will feel about it.”

Ouch! In all honesty… I might agree with him… not sure yet. The point is that if you like these summaries… I need to hear from you. So… with our little bit of feedback in hand… it’s time to get busy. This installment takes us from last Monday through today. There were lots of great articles out there this week. If you missed any of my tweets… now is the time to check them out.

Interesting Posts from the week of 8/2/2009… through 8/9/2009
The effect of values on system development project outcomes
Should Programming Work be Billed in Hours?
20 Reasons Managers Fail and Ways to Fix Them
Approaching a Minimum Viable Product
Back Blogging Again
Earned Value and Agile
A Note on “The Tool is the Method”
Agile Role playing
The Agile Way – by Scott Adams
What is a Project Manager
The power of writing
Agile Documentation, what is it
Update on Agile 2009, August 4, 2009
Before agile came along, life was easier for me…
The Early Problem Problem
Why meetings are so disruptive
Scrum of Scrums: Making it visual
Risk Management Resources
Your Life, Simplified
Risks and Issues Are Not The Same
Lean Is Bigger Than We Thought
The Heart of Scrum
Software Project and Process Measurement
Strong opinions, weakly held
Next Take the 4th annual VersionOne 'State of Agile Development' Survey

Comments (4)

  1. Glenn

    I like this post, since I don't follow twitter on a regular basis. Keep it up!!!

  2. Mike Cottmeyer

    Thanks for the feedback Glenn.

    Someone who doesn't use Twitter!? You might want to keep that to yourself of people won't think you're cool ;-)

    And by the way… you'll find almost everything you write on this list.

  3. Kevin E. Schlabach

    I was really hoping I that was not the only comment on your last "interesting post". I'm always honest which is important for feedback, but that was rude in isolation…


  4. Mike Cottmeyer

    No! Not rude at all. You direct with your praise and constructive commentary. The 'ouch! comment was just for dramatic effect ;-) I think that Glenn's comment might keep me doing these for a while… not everyone is glued to Twitter 24×7.

    Don't ever filter what you have to say… I can take it!


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