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Interesting Post… 8/30/2009 through 9/5/2009

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Interesting Post… 8/30/2009 through 9/5/2009
Wow! Have we been back from Agile 2009 for over a week now? Time sure does fly. You may have noticed that I didn’t do an “Interesting Post” summary last week. It’s not that there weren’t any interesting posts… it’s just that my Internet access was so bad in Chicago, I gave up reading blogs and Twittering. So in short… there was nothing to summarize. I came back to Atlanta with over 900 unread posts in my Google Reader. I tried to scan them for highlights… but in the end gave up and decided to ‘Mark All Read’ and start over!
So now we are back in the game. Here is my list of what was worth reading from over 1000+ posts across over 400 blogs. Oh, and by the way… if your blog never shows up on my Interesting Post list… you might want to check my blog roll and see if you are on it. Every once in a while someone I should be following is noticeably absent. Let me know and I’ll subscribe to your feed.
Interesting Posts from 8/20/2009 through 9/5/2009

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ScrumButs are the downfall of agile

Agile 2009 Chicago

Why Tester Won’t Like Agile

Passion and Talent

How To Behave Like a Professional Project Manager

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It Used to Take Three Highly-Trained Professionals to Make a Presentation

Staying A Specializing Generalist

support Corey Haines

Simplify, or the problem with Six Sigma

Agile 2009: a retrospective

Lean is more than a set of tools

Reflections on #Agile2009

Agile2009 Trip Report

Quote Series Part 7 – Philosophy

Agile 2009 report: Thursday afternoon

10 Steps for Setting up an Agile Start-up

The Power of Simplicity

Reflections on Agile 2009

Agile 2009… Thank You All

Is software development an art or a science?

Agile Coach Tour thoughts

Using Earned Value in a Changing Environment

Testing vs. Checking

Looking back at Agile 2009

6 Thinking Hats Retrospective Plan

Reality check for Agile projects- working sofware over comprehensive docu..

Next Building an Agile Book with Agile

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