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Pillar Technology is Hiring… Read This!

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Pillar Technology is Hiring… Read This!

Pillar Technology is ramping up several large projects in Columbus, OH and Detroit, MI. We are in need of a bunch of people and have opportunities at many different experience levels.

We are looking to hire immediately and will entertain people who want to work 1099, W2 hourly, or become full time employees of Pillar Technology. Pillar’s strength is the quality of our people and we are pretty selective about who we bring in. We are looking for people that are technically excellent, have great communication skills, and will fit in well to the Pillar culture.

To be considered for our technical positions, you need to be an experienced Java developer or technical tester and you MUST have experience with TDD. Other skills we are looking for are:

  • Jboss Portal
  • Portlet Specification
  • XML Jibx parser
  • Rest
  • Strong UI / JSP experience
  • Maven
  • Team City
  • EasyMock
The more of these you have the better.

We also have a few opportunities for team leads and delivery leads. These people must have a solid technical background and be familiar with all the stuff I just mentioned. That said, these roles are less hands-on. To be considered for one of these positions, you need to understand agile organizational structure, team dynamics, how to lead and motivate people. You must be an excellent problem solver and be able to talk a good agile game… and more importantly… deliver results!

I am looking to hire the best of the best in the Atlanta market and surrounding areas. If you happen to be in Columbus or Detroit, even better. Travel will always be a part of this gig, but we want to keep it to a minimum. Most of our work right now is in the Detroit and Columbus markets and we are building Atlanta. We try to hire locally, so that we can keep people close to home. We are a values driven company, and we know that being home is important. That said, if you live somewhere else, and don’t mind the travel, we can talk.

If you are interested, please contact me at mcottmeyer [at] pillartechnology [dot] com. If you send me your resume, and I think you are a fit, you’ll get a call from me this weekend. Thanks!

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