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Interesting Post… 2/4/2010 through 2/13/2010

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Interesting Post… 2/4/2010 through 2/13/2010

We got some snow in Atlanta yesterday. It’s not very often that we have 4 inches of snow on the ground. I had my kids all convinced to go backpacking with me this weekend, but the cold temperatures and damp conditions scared them off. I guess the 10 degree down bags they got for Christmas didn’t make them feel any better about putting in some miles and sleeping outside. So anyway… in the absence of backpacking, decided to do a little writing today. Hope you enjoy this week’s installment of ‘Interesting Post…’.

Poppendiecks, in Glasgow, May 2010 – 2 day course

What is a Project Plan?

Moving Items Backwards on a Kanban Board

Really InfoQ picked up my post from this morning and added some color commentary…

Emerge ground up or build to plan?

Forrester Reports “Agile Development: Mainstream Adoption Has Changed Agility”

Time for a change

The relentless search for “tell me what to do”

Managing Risks and Opportunities

Replacing the Iron Triangle of Project Management?

CIO Bad Habits – Still valid 7 years later

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