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Interesting Post… 5/10/2010 through 5/16/2010

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Interesting Post… 5/10/2010 through 5/16/2010
It’s been a little while since my last Sunday morning installment of ‘Interesting Post…’ I don’t usually like to fill my blog up with summary articles like this… so when I’m not writing real content, I don’t tend to want to do these.
Also, I’ve gotten to where I don’t really trust TwitterFeed a whole heck of a lot. TwitterFeed is what monitors my Google Share feed and turns them into tweets. It just doesn’t seem to be as reliable as it once was. Some day when I have some time, I’ll either figure out what I’ve done wrong, or I’ll find another service.
As for now… enjoy this round of tweets from the week.


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Personal Brands: The Testicle Defense

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How To Harness Influence

Approaches to Organizational Change

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