Can I Make My Team Do Agile? Post 400 on LeadingAgile!

WRITTEN BY Mike Cottmeyer

No… you can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do.

That said… when I’m investing my money to have a product built, there are a few things that just won’t fly. It’s not okay to go off for months at a time and have nothing to show for it except a bunch of documentation. It’s not okay to write software that isn’t relevant or recognizable to me as your customer. It’s not okay to work in silos and create hostile relationships with your peers and coworkers. It’s not okay if you can’t give me a credible plan for how you are getting to done. It’s not okay if I have no idea what I am going to get for my money. It’s not okay if I don’t have incremental input into what is getting delivered. It’s not okay to build software that’s full of defects and technical debt. It’s not okay if I don’t understand risk and have no ability to influence how those risks are managed. It’s not okay to waste my money. It’s not okay to deliver the wrong product. It’s not okay to be late.

Agile is the only approach I’ve found that credibly deals with these issues.

So… would I make a team do Agile? No… but I would be really inclined to find a team that would.On another note… this my 400th post on LeadingAgile.  Given how my writing has slowed down over the past year or so… it took longer than it should have to get to this milestone.  That said, I’m really proud of this body of work.  Thanks to everyone that has paid attention all these years

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4 comments on “Can I Make My Team Do Agile? Post 400 on LeadingAgile!”

  1. Agile Scout

    #First to congrats you. :) Keep pushin!

  2. Jesse Wallace

    Congrats, Mike! Awesome content on here – keep pushing it!

  3. Basil Vandegriend

    Congratulations on reaching 400. I always enjoy your posts and writing style. Keep it up!

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