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In Memory of Jean Tabaka

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: In Memory of Jean Tabaka

I debated writing this post.

I considered Jean a friend.

Even though we didn’t talk often, I think she considered me a friend.

I’m sad she passed away this week.

I’d like to share a story with you guys.

When I wanted to start LeadingAgile, I was scared. I didn’t have the 100K in the bank Mitch Lacey told me I needed to start. I didn’t have space on my credit cards to fund myself for a few months. What I had were a few good relationships.

Jean was one of them.

I called Jean one day and told her what I wanted to do. She gave me good counsel. I wanted to see if I could get on Rally’s subcontractor list. I had worked for VersionOne so that was complicated. Jean went to bat for me.

Getting on Rally’s subcontractor list gave me the confidence to step out.

Even thought I never did any work for Rally, having that option in my back pocket created sufficient safety for me that I was able to be brave. Jean helped me be brave. For that I will be forever in her debt.

Who knows how things would have turned out had Jean not helped me.

I like to think I could have done it without anyone’s help.

But Jean helped.

I’ll miss Jean Tabaka forever.

Thank you Jean.

May you rest in peace.

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