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Making a Case for Agile

Reading: Making a Case for Agile

Agile isn’t ever really about Agile. It’s about creating the business outcomes we want.

There are six key drivers for Agility that we most commonly see, which include:

  • Predictability: One of the most common goals we see organizations have for Transformation is actually predictability.

  • Quality: It’s common for quality to suffer when organizations scale and change.

  • Cost Savings: Agile won’t save costs if we’re too buried in work to achieve any cost savings.

  • Early ROI: Most organizations have long delivery cycles that prevent enough feedback to get to market sooner.

  • Product Fit: Delivering on time only matters if you’re making a product your customers need and want.

  • Innovation: As companies grow, sometimes they can lose the ability to innovate.

In this video, we uncover how Agile can enable us to overcome challenges we’re facing in these areas and connect them to the better business outcomes we’re aiming for.

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