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The Truth Behind Market Product Fit Assumptions

David Nack Managing Consultant
Derek Poppink Senior Consultant
Reading: The Truth Behind Market Product Fit Assumptions

Product fit assumptions can be a good starting point for building a product, but they shouldn’t be the only information developers work with. If work is being done based on assumptions, it could leave out actual market feedback that will help improve the product for those who use it. Because markets are constantly changing and consumer needs adapting, you can start with assumptions, but you should always validate that they are correct before developing.

This video breaks down product assumptions, their pain points, and challenges, but also how they can be used to your benefit in the product development process. We share tips for overcoming assumptions challenges and why validation is necessary for every step of the development process. Finally, we highlight how our Studios team helps solve these problems, what questions to ask, how to weigh business risk, and have more value-based conversations.

If product assumptions are part of the development process, let us teach you how to use them to your benefit so they don’t end in a product release failure.

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