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Introduction to Business Capability Modeling

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Business Capability Modeling In any Enterprise-scale Agile transformation, having the right structure and governance to support how work flows through the organization is crucial to having a successful transformation (see “How to Structure Your Agile Enterprise“). Business Capability Modeling is a method LeadingAgile uses to inform and customize our recommendations around this structure and governance. […]

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Small Agile User Stories Reduce Variability in Velocity, Improve Predictability

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If you estimate the size of your AgileĀ user storiesĀ in relative story points, realize that the more large stories you have in your backlog, the less reliable will be your velocity (trend) for planning future work. The velocity trend values will be less accurate when there are bigger stories in your backlog, than when the user […]

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Agile Release Planning Kick-Starts Agile Adoption

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Organizations just starting out in their Agile adoption are eager to begin seeing results. After proper Agile teams have been formed and trained in the basics of Agile, they are ready to begin practicing. But what is the first step in your Agile adoption, where should they start? Agile Release Planning is the answer. Agile […]

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