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  • Adam Asch

    Adam Asch

    2 posts

    Adam Asch is an Executive Consultant, speaker and practitioner who is dedicated to leading and...

  • Andrew Graves

    Andrew Graves

    2 posts

    Andrew Graves is a strategically-oriented Agile coach and practitioner offering a diversified portfolio of experience...

  • Andrew Fuqua

    Andrew Fuqua

    27 posts

    @AndrewMFuqua is a founding member of XP-Atlanta in 2001. Currently an Enterprise Transformation Consultant, Andrew...

  • Steve Colasinski

    Steve Colasinski

    1 post

    With nearly 25 years of industry experience as a developer and manager/director of software development,...

  • Dan Greening

    Dan Greening

    2 posts

    Dan Greening is an agile pioneer, a published author and a fervent learner. Dan has...

  • Dave Nicolette

    Dave Nicolette

    125 posts

    Dave Nicolette has been an IT professional since 1977. He has served in a variety...

  • Dave Prior

    Dave Prior

    18 posts

    Dave Prior has been leading technology projects and teaching individuals and teams how to manage...

  • Dean Stevens

    Dean Stevens

    3 posts

    Dean is an Enterprise Agile Coach and his focus is on developing and managing agile...

  • Devin Hedge

    Devin Hedge

    2 posts

    Devin Hedge brings almost two decades of experience working in the IT Industry in his...

  • Derek Huether

    Derek Huether

    66 posts

    VP of ALM Platforms; Advisor on #Productivity #Metrics & Tools | Improver of things |...

  • Daryl Kulak

    5 posts

    Daryl is an experienced Technology Consultant with skills in sales and project delivery, driving business...

  • Dennis Stevens

    Dennis Stevens

    14 posts

    LeadingAgile COO and Co-Founder, Dennis Stevens has been helping organizations solve the challenges associated with...

  • Greg King

    Greg King

    3 posts

    Greg King is an IT Management Executive with twenty years of experience in the fields...

  • Isaac Hogue

    Isaac Hogue

    13 posts

    Isaac is an Enterprise Agile Coach with LeadingAgile. Prior to joining LeadingAgile he served in...

  • Jann Thomas

    Jann Thomas

    11 posts

    Jann Thomas is a 20-year veteran of the software industry.  She has worked as a...

  • Jeanette Maxwell

    Jeanette Maxwell

    3 posts

    Jeanette Maxwell brings over 17 years experience in the fields of marketing, business management, consulting and training,...

  • Jeff Howey

    Jeff Howey

    4 posts

    Jeff Howey is a problem solver with over 20 years of experience in project management,...

  • Jim Hayden

    Jim Hayden

    7 posts

    Jim Hayden brings over 25 years of leadership experience pragmatically solving complex problems and delivering...

  • Jim Magers

    Jim Magers

    5 posts

    Jim Magers has been helping organizations solve the challenges associated with product development for over...

  • Joel Bancroft-Connors

    Joel Bancroft-Connors

    2 posts

    Joel Bancroft-Connors is an experienced agile practitioner who is dedicated to solving the challenges associated...

  • John Mason

    2 posts

    John Mason is experienced in deploying inventive strategies to guide, facilitate and inspire adoption of...

  • John Tanner

    John Tanner

    1 post

    John Tanner is an experienced IT consultant and change agent with over 19 years of...

  • Kat Conner

    Kat Conner

    1 post

    Kathryn Conner is an experienced business and IT transformation consultant with over 20 years of...

  • Katrina Coker

    Katrina Coker

    1 post

    Katrina Coker has more than 10 years experience collaborating with stakeholders at all levels of...

  • Lance Knight

    Lance Knight

    1 post

    Lance Knight is a business solutions executive, with a record of success driving global business...

  • Mark Patrick

    Mark Patrick

    2 posts

    From engineer to executive, Mark Patrick has 30 years experience executing strategic software initiatives aligning...

  • Marty Bradley

    Marty Bradley

    6 posts

    Marty has over 25 years of management and technical experience in agile and traditional development...

  • Mike Cottmeyer

    Mike Cottmeyer

    537 posts

    LeadingAgile CEO and Founder, Mike Cottmeyer is passionate about solving the challenges associated with agile...

  • Michael Robillard

    3 posts

    Michael Robillard is a professional in the field of commercial software development with over 20...

  • Paul Argiry

    Paul Argiry

    2 posts

    Joining LeadingAgile in 2016, Paul brings almost 25 years of experience from his roles at...

  • Paul Sutton

    Paul Sutton

    1 post

    Paul Sutton brings a unique flavor of practical approach and communication to team environments and...

  • Rick Austin

    Rick Austin

    16 posts

    With over 20 years of software development experience, Rick comes to LeadingAgile as an expert...

  • Richard Hensley

    Richard Hensley

    2 posts

    Richard joins LeadingAgile after a long successful career at McKesson, where he demonstrated the ability...

  • Rachel Howard

    Rachel Howard

    5 posts

    Rachel Howard is a collaborative and innovative HR professional with 17 years of experience working...

  • Robert Henson

    2 posts

    Robert is an Enterprise Agile Coach with a majority of his experience in the Insurance...

  • Robert Sfeir

    Robert Sfeir

    3 posts

    Robert is an Enterprise Agile Coach with 20 years of experience in the software industry....

  • Sandi Keller

    Sandi Keller

    2 posts

    Sandi Keller is an Agile Coach who is dedicated to solving problems, exploring new ideas,...

  • Scott Sehlhorst

    Scott Sehlhorst

    10 posts

    Scott Sehlhorst continues to build on over 25 years experience working in mechanical engineering, software...

  • Si Alhir

    Si Alhir

    1 post

    Si Alhir is an Entrepreneur, Author, Enterprise Business & Technology Transformation Consultant, Trainer, and Practitioner...

  • Chris Spagnuolo

    Chris Spagnuolo

    2 posts

    Chris Spagnuolo is an Enterprise Agile Coach at LeadingAgile. He brings over fifteen years of...

  • Tim Zack

    Tim Zack

    23 posts

    Tim Zack is a digital native with almost 10 years experience solving marketing problems with...

  • Tom Churchwell

    Tom Churchwell

    10 posts

    Tom Churchwell is an experienced IT transformation leader who is passionate about helping people, organizations...

  • Tim Wise

    Tim Wise

    15 posts

    Tim Wise is an Enterprise Agile Coach, speaker, and avid Agile practitioner. He grew up...