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Aligning Your DevOps Strategy to Your Agile Transformation

If you have a small team on a greenfield project, you can easily get started with DevOps. Your code isn’t that complex, and the needs of your technology environment tend to be limited. But, if you have a shop with thousands of people in it who are dealing with legacy code, getting started with DevOps, the right way, is an order of magnitude more complex. An instantiation of DevOps at this scale requires iteratively & incrementally moving through various stages of DevOps maturity.

This talk will cover how to approach DevOps when you have teams who are merely trying to become predictable and contrast that with more mature teams who might be looking to localize investment decisions, or who want to touch the market often so that they can innovate and learn.

Furthermore, we’ll explore the practices you’ll need to implement DevOps and the appropriate order in which to implement them to ensure you’re getting valuable outcomes along the way. Lastly, we’ll look at where the ownership and authority need to reside at various stages along the journey so that we can balance both consistency and Agility.

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