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How to Make Agile Tangible for Executives

Agile Transformation isn’t easy, and it can’t get led from the bottom. 

The fact is that the ability to successfully Transform your organization into one that can meet the needs of its customers and markets will rely heavily on executive engagement. Executives don’t need to be experts in technology, product management, Lean or Agile. They need to understand the attributes of an organization that’s able to sense and respond to the markets in an actionable way. Also, they need a system they can delegate intent into and know that it’s responding in the way they expected. Lastly, they need to understand the constraints within their system and understand what they can do to break those constraints.

In this talk, Dennis will explore how to present a model that executives can leverage to help them understand where the organization needs to change and provide guidance on aligning all the experts who are making the change to optimize improvement. Additionally, Dennis will offer insights into how executives can judiciously delegate change into the organization while providing leadership throughout the Transformation. 

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