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Managing Consultant

Jeff Thompson

During Jeff’s 20 years in leading organizational transformation, his most critical insight has been how vital a focus on building relationships is to achieving and sustaining change. There will always be new shiny toys and new, novel ways of doing things, but to really change an organization for the better, the focus must always be placed on the organization’s people and the many relationships necessary for organizations to work in our ever-accelerating, increasingly accountable, global information economy.

The world operates in the most challenging market ever – and the degree of the challenge will continue to grow. Every single employee at an organization has an increasing degree of impact on the success of the business. Organizations need a better way to work in order to realize every employee’s full potential – and that better way is an Agile way. 

Jeff has guided and led complex, challenging agile transformations at some of the largest and most respected organizations in the world (Boeing, IBM, NXP, Lockheed Martin, US Veterans Administration, Charles Schwab) and across multiple business domains (Aviation, Semiconductor, Financial Services, Healthcare, Computing, Manufacturing). Jeff feels it is vital to understand client context in order to earn a position of trust that will nurture, foster, and grow the relationships needed to drive sustainable change throughout an organization. The pragmatic, systems-based approach of Leading Agile provides a most effective means of channeling an organization’s people for maximum utilization and repeatable outcomes.

Jeff holds two Master of Science degrees: Computer Science, and Economic Development and Entrepreneurship. He holds current certifications in Scaled Agile (SPC5), Scrum (CSM), Project Management (PMP), ITIL, and Stakeholder Management. Servant Leadership is Jeff’s fundamental guiding principle and he gives back to his local community through service as an officer on two Boards of Directors. His most recent speaking engagement was in March, 2020, at Agile Austin on the topic of Effective Agile Leadership.