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Director of Talent Acquisition

Julie, who joined Leading Agile as the Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist, has played a strategic role in shaping—and implementing—best practices in recruiting. She brings her diverse skill set to ensure the recruiting team is focused on providing value to the business with insights into the market and a positive recruitment experience for everyone involved. Since the 90’s, Julie has enjoyed collaborating with Agilists and consultants alike, and has learned to apply flexibility, innovation, and Agile practices to everything she does. She spent a few years consulting with different clients on enterprise Transformations, and took time to explore the world outside of recruiting. Since then, she’s been able to bring this knowledge back to the recruiting team’s strategy and process.

Julie is focused on delivering value to the business through her recruiting efforts— working on the strategic vision of the recruiting team, at conferences, on the phone with a candidate, or deep into a boolean search. Her ultimate passion is ensuring others succeed; connecting the right people to the right roles.