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Managing Consultant

Knox McMurry

Knox McMurry is an executive consultant and pragmatic Agilist, passionate about solving complex business problems through the application of lean and Agile principles. He has over 20 years of experience managing and overseeing high-impact organizational change initiatives, focusing on large scale business transformation efforts for Fortune 50 clients, enhancing the predictability of delivery, and improving early return on investment. Knox believes that true change cannot take place without clear objectives and the ability to demonstrate progress and ROI, so he focuses on business outcomes and measurement with clients during their transformational journeys.

Knox grew up on the consulting side of the house, working for the gamut of consulting firms, spanning Big 4 all the way to consulting startups, with a brief stint in the financial services sector building software for the derivatives trading industry. He has extensive experience in the Retail, Telecomm and Financial Services sectors, and has held numerous high-level leadership positions throughout his career. Knox holds a Master’s in Accountancy from the University of Oklahoma, and a Master’s of Computer Science from the University of Chicago.