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Senior Studios Software Engineer

This is a fully billable role with a direct reporting relationship to the Principal Studio Director.

The Senior Studio Software Engineer understand the LeadingAgile Point of View (PoV) for Engineering Practices and lead small billable client engagements. The candidate will use the engineering practices daily and will advocate for them to Studios employees and clients. The Senior role is a junior leadership position who can be trusted to be involved in managing client expectations and strive to delight them.

Candidate Characteristics

Candidates for the role must have a strong background in and Agile engineering and teamwork methodologies. They should be charismatic, highly motivated by end results, and have a high tolerance for stress. Additionally, the candidate should have a focus on achieving success through people and be engaged with new practices and the overall strategy for the Agile Engineering.
Desired Traits

Desired Traits

  • Leadership abilities
  • A strong focus on other people’s success
  • High emotional intelligence
  • High stress tolerance, unflappable
  • High integrity
  • Self-confidence
  • Driven by continuous learning
  • Technical ingenuity and experience

Core Competencies

  • Pragmatic polyglot programmer
  • Committed clean coder
  • Strong test-first/test-driven approach
  • Full-stack developer
  • Legacy rescue
  • Continuous build/continuous integration/continuous delivery
  • Agile testing and DevOps automation
  • OOD and design patterns
  • Software craftsperson with deep bags of tricks
  • Using or experimenting with new programming paradigms


  • Strong commitment to, and understanding of, diversity, equity and inclusion within Studios
  • Cares about our Studios culture and thinks deeply about one’s own impact on one’s team members
  • Uses the principles and practices in the playbook
  • Actively works on ensuring that their current project has integration points to the rest of the LeadingAgile corporation
  • Participates in sales calls when asked to
  • Occasionally writes blog posts, participates in podcasts, does public speaking engagements
  • Is a member of a Pod, does informal mentoring of Studios team members
  • Participates in dialogs about the Studios business mode
  • Participates in internal dialogs about Studios financials


We are not just offering you a job; we’re offering an unparalleled cultural experience and an unrivaled support system, too. We value you and your time. That’s why we have some truly unbelievable perks, such as:

  • Flexible PTO and expense policies
  • 100% remote work
  • Two medical plans
  • Dental, vision
  • Life insurance
  • 401K
  • And More…

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