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The Power of Accountability Partnerships

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: The Power of Accountability Partnerships

An Accountability Partnership can be a powerful thing. At a very basic level, this is a relationship you establish with another person who agrees to keep watch and support you in defining and realizing your goals. The goals may be of a professional nature, though they may extend beyond this into other areas of your life. In  this episode of SoundNotes, LeadingAgile Engagement Analyst, Katrina Coker and CST, Dave Prior discuss the role that an Accountability Partnership can play in providing support in your professional and personal life. Dave and Katrina talk about how to find an Accountability Partner that is right for you, how to establish working agreements and how to prepare yourself for having someone play that role in your life.

Show Notes:

Interview Start 1:48
Katrina’s role at LeadingAgile 2:12
Katrina and the Personal Agility Canvas 5:22
Dave’s story on having an Accountability Partner 5:58
Katrina’s background 7:02
How Katrina ended up with an Accountability Partner 8:00
How it works 9:26
Personal Accountability Retrospectives 11:15
How Personal Goals fit in 11:55
Why it helps to have someone to share your goals with 12:25
Prioritizing your goals and getting support from your Personal Accountability Partner 13:10
“Oh, let me know when you start achieving.” 14:51
How to approach someone about being your Accountability Partner 15:31
Finding the right person to be your Accountability Partner 17:47
Establishing working agreements with your Accountability Partner 19:36
Setting Boundaries and Goals 21:39
The value of having a Professional Counselor 22:43
Including spiritual goals in the Personal Agility Canvas 24:26
How Katrina finds accountability and support in non-work areas of her life 25:10
How Katrina’s accountability partner helps her prioritize her goals 27:44
“If it’s not a HELL YES, it’s not gonna happen” 28:20
Katrina’s advice on three things you need to do in order to prepare to have an Accountability Partner 28:55
Getting in touch with Katrina 32:00

If you’d like to reach out to Katrina to learn more about how she and Olga work together as Accountability Partners, you can reach her at

If you’d like to check out the Personal Agility Canvas mentioned in this podcast, here are some links:

Personal Agility Canvas 2.0

PMP Rehab: Personal Agility Canvas slideshare from the 2016 Scrum Gathering 


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