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How Do I Use Scrum on Data Warehouse Projects? w/ Dave Nicolette

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: How Do I Use Scrum on Data Warehouse Projects? w/ Dave Nicolette
How Do I Use Scrum on Data Warehouse Projects? w/ Dave Nicolette

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In one of my recent Certified Scrum Master classes I had a number of students who were working on projects involving migrating from a legacy data warehouse to new data warehouses. Figuring out how to apply Scrum to the work they were doing presented a number of challenges and left some open questions.

Here are two examples of the data related topics that showed up in the Parking Lot:

  • How do I apply Scrum to data factory?
  • As a Data Architect, I want to learn how Scrum applies to data factory so I can be part of a successful Dev. Team

In talking with the students about the work they were doing, I was left with a question:

Is Scrum really the best option for this type of work?

While I’m able to understand the challenges they face—both with the work and applying Scum in this situation—my background does not include the necessary work experience to speak to this topic with any level of authority. Fortunately, at LeadingAgile I have many experts I can reach out to when I run into situations like this. LeadingAgile Senior Consultant, Dave Nicolette, was kind enough to spend some time digging into this topic with me.

If you are working on large scale data-related projects and trying to figure out how to use Agile to get the work done, this week’s SoundNotes should offer you some valuable tips.

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