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Metrics and Tooling with Derek Huether

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Metrics and Tooling with Derek Huether

In this video podcast, Derek Huether, VP of ALM platforms at LeadingAgile and Dave Prior discuss how metrics and tools effect an organizational Agile Transformation.  Metrics and tools must be aligned to the business goals of the organization and be meaningful to leadership.  In order for organizations to become a more predictable environment, metrics must be implemented to stabilize the system of delivery and show data that supports the claim of change.

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Show Notes:

  • 0:20: Derek’s new Role at LeadingAgile
  • 0:45: Metrics and Tools are always a component of a LeadingAgile Transformation
  • 1:08: What kind of Metrics are you talking about in the organizational transformational approach?
  • 1:45: Helping organizations Stabilize the System of delivery
  • 2:40: What we mean by measuring your system of delivery
  • 4:35: How do you shift your focus to making and meeting commitments on Agile Teams?
  • 6:29: Initial assessments must be done in order identify this data and what tools are you using?
  • 7:10: The importance of meeting business goals and metrics that align with them
  • 8:35: Showing the organization what’s actually happening and how are people responding
  • 11:25: What to do if you’re not making and meeting the commitments.
  • 13:45: How does Tooling fit into this process? LeadingAgile is tool agnostic.
  • 16:10: Part of our job is to help organizations remove the friction points that happen from implementing tools so they can be more Agile.
  •  19:30: Agile isn’t the goal, it’s the benefits and outcomes it provides and how it improves the organization.

Contacting Derek

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Contacting Dave

You can reach Dave on the LeadingAgile site at
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If you have comments on the podcast, or have questions for the LeadingAgile coaches that you’d like to have addressed in a future episode of LeadingAgile’s SoundNotes, you can reach Dave at

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