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Moving from SAFe to Just In Time

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Moving from SAFe to Just In Time
Moving from SAFe to Just In Time

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In this episode of SoundNotes Yusuf Hakim joins Dave to field questions submitted by an attendee of one of LeadingAgile’s Monthly CSM/CSPO Student Lean Coffee meetings, The questions center around issues that cropped up from a non-standard SAFe implementation, the issues that came about as a result fo that implementation, and the steps being taken to it address those issues and move towards an approach that is more focused on “just in time”.

During the interview, Yusuf and Dave explore the issues that were being experienced, indicators that they might not be SAFe issues, aspects of the organizational structure that were most likely contributing to the struggle, and steps the organization could take to resolve some of the pain they were experiencing.


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