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Recommendations for Dealing with Agile and UX

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Recommendations for Dealing with Agile and UX

If you’ve kept up with our recent podcasts, you know that we are beginning to collect questions from our audience about the specific challenges they’re having with agile. Today’s podcast features one such question from Chloe, a User Experience Designer from Austin, TX. Chloe asks,

I’d like to know if there are any recommendations for how to incorporate user experience and UX design, into the agile process. I’d also love to know of any meetings or artifacts held in the agile process/framework that would benefit the UX of the product.

To find out how our team answered Chloe’s question and learn more about the challenges of dealing with Agile and UX, listen in to the podcast.

Show Notes: 

Interview start 1:48
Question: 2:03
Jan Thomas and Tim Wise intro: 2:44
Where Agile and UX match up (and don’t) – 5:35
The “We’re creative…” challenge 7:30
The difference between Design and UX 9:43
“We can’t time box it” 14:50
How to cope with design when you don’t know what all the pieces are before you start 16:25
Parallels to the challenge Agile presents to architecture 18:50
Building to be able to test and iterate 21:00
Tim wants a “Do Over” 21:40
UX challenges faced by organizations that are in Agile transition 24:19
Changing what we mean by a potentially shippable increment 26:20
A Three Pronged Pattern for Success 27:55
Getting Just Enough Design 29:30
Recommendations to help Design and UX work with Agile 31:20
Bad experiences of integrating Design/UX and Delivery 32:45
Imagination on the Screen 34:10
Everyone has to do Market Research 35:35
Specific Meetings and Artifacts that help UX and Design work with Agile 37:00
You don’t have to have high fidelity design to get started 39:30
The importance of a good release plan and design reviews 40:24
Getting in touch with Jan and Tim 42:34

Contacting Jann Thomas
Twitter: @Agile_Jann

Contacting Tim Wise
Twitter: @timswise

Agile Day Atlanta, May 20th

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