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Scrum Guide’s Product Goal

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Scrum Guide’s Product Goal
Scrum Guide’s Product Goal

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Dave Prior and Lance Kind discuss a new item from the Scrum Guide: Product Goal. Listen in while Dave teaches Lance what the product goal is, ideates on how to implement, and debates as to the value product goal provides. As a bonus, Dave and Lance: discuss how “real options” relate to product backlogs, that there will be a struggle about where to put backlog items that don’t fit the product goal, and how computers have become like the Tardis.

It’s a fun discussion that anyone who is seeking answers about using product goal will enjoy. We also will fill you in on a few new questions.
You’re welcome. 😀

Where did Product Goal come from?
What is product Goal? What are some examples?
How does product goal affect the way we work with product backlog?
How does product goal create constraints?


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