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The Value of Improving Your Technical Practices w/ Rich Dammkoehler

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: The Value of Improving Your Technical Practices w/ Rich Dammkoehler
The Value of Improving Your Technical Practices w/ Rich Dammkoehler

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This episode of SoundNotes features, LeadingAgile Technical Consultant, Rich Dammkoehler in a conversation about why it is so important to make sure your organization is focused on improving their technical practices.

If you’re struggling with helping your organization understand why introducing technical practices like collective code ownership, refactoring, pair programming, and test-driven development is such a crucial part of attaining business Agility; this podcast will help you build the case. Rich is a deeply experienced developer who got his start doing development using Waterfall and then found his way to Agile. In the Agile Transformation work that Rich does now, he focuses on helping organizations understand why and how the techniques and tools that came from Extreme Programming make them more effective at solving business problems and bring greater business success to the organization.

Towards the end of the interview, Rich also explains what it is that keeps him excited about doing development work after all these years, what development-related topics he is currently following the closest, and why punk rock is better than stadium rock.


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