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What’s In Store For Agile2016?

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: What’s In Store For Agile2016?

With the world’s largest Agile Conference heading to Atlanta, we sat down with our CEO, Mike Cottmeyer to catch up on how LeadingAgile will be involved with the Agile2016 conference. Listen in as Mike and Dave discuss how we our company plans on making a big splash at Agile2016, which includes a private concert with our favorite hometown band, Collective Soul.

Show Notes:
00:22 – Mike intro
00: 37 – Mike’s update on the Dent the Future Conference
01:47 – The LeadingAgile update for Agile2016
03:10 – The Collective Soul Concert at Agile2016 – brought to you by LeadingAgile
05:08 – How to sign up to see Collective Soul at Agile2016
05:50 – Why the Collective Soul show matters to Mike
07:30 – Mike at the 2016 Global Scrum Gathering
08:22 – A quick update on LeadingAgile
11:02 – Where to get more info on the Collective Soul show
11:58 – Close

Get your tickets for Collective Soul by visiting and using the access key, podcast.

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