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Why You Need a Vision Statement

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Why You Need a Vision Statement

This episode of SoundNotes is all about Vision Statements. Dave Prior offers his thoughts on why they’re so critical to the success of your team and how to go about putting one together.

One of the most important things a Product Owner can do to help the Development Team deliver value for the customer is to make sure they have clarity on the context of the problem they are trying to solve. If the Dev Team is just being given User Stories, and there’s no understanding of the problem-space in which the story lives, it’s going to be much harder for the Dev Team to make the choices that will maximize value for the customer.

Also, Vision Statements are one of the best ways a Product Owner can make sure that all the stakeholders are in agreement about what problem is being solved, who it’s helping, and why it matters. If the Vision Statement is documented and agreed upon by all the stakeholders, it is going to be a lot easier to keep them in sync with one another.

Listen as Dave presents two very popular templates that can be used to create Vision Statements and walks you through how to go about putting them together.


Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm (3rd Edition) 

Roman Pichler’s Product Vision Board

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