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Get Ready to Accelerate Your Transformation

Maximizing Velocity & Value

Many large companies are constrained by a lack of people who possess the necessary skills to deliver the type of technical ingenuity and uplift that Transformation requires, especially as they move to Basecamps three, four, and five. These companies often have to make the decision to slow down the Transformation and reduce business value until they can close the gaps.

Your Transformation doesn’t have to get put on hold though. There’s another way.

Studios can help you maintain Transformational momentum by maximizing both velocity & value while your business invests in its employees and grows.

What We Offer

Velocity Acceleration

Struggling to maintain momentum? Do your technology vendors know how to deliver solutions using test-driven development (TDD), CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) and pair programming? Don’t waste your time and money on training external contractors on your required technical practices. Let us provide a delivery team that can add value and deliver working, tested product on day one.

Legacy Application Agility

Teams getting bogged down maintaining, enhancing, and interfacing with legacy applications is a big impediment to gaining Agility? Our Studios team is able to uplift your legacy apps by removing dependencies, and adding interface layers and aligning your legacy apps to your business architecture in a way that massively increases the speed and Agility of the team responsible for each legacy app.

Team Elevation

Our technical leaders bring a breadth of real-world experiences to the table. Leverage our years of expertise and let us transfer the necessary skills that your people need to elevate the teams’ performance at each Basecamp along your Transformation journey.

What You Get

Delivery On-Demand

Our teams are standing by to help you work through your backlog. We have the ability to assist your organization in developing custom features across all modern platforms and can build integrations between your COTS system in a way that will make change easier in the future.

Product Extraction

Not every legacy application you have is humming along. Product Extraction gives you a way to re-architect your legacy application to increase its own Agility. It also enables the teams that are supporting and enhancing your legacy application with rocket-speed in delivering fixes and new features. Whether the legacy application is a mobile app, custom enterprise app, or backend messaging hub, we can help. Even where COTS packages are involved, we can wrap package functionality in interfaces and reduce the dependencies between the package and the surrounding integrations.

Coaching & Training

Our Dojo will provide a set of experiences to help your teams develop the muscle memory & skills needed to perform certain practices so that they can function at any given Basecamp.

Who we Are

Our team members understood the Agile processes before they were widespread in the industry.

Our team members understood the Agile processes before they were widespread in the industry. We focus equally on the technical practices and continuous improvement processes. We combine all of these focal points to provide the enterprise Agility that you’re seeking. Our heritage comes from eXtreme Programming (XP) and other engineering disciplines.

It’s important to have a guidepost so that your teams are not just jumping from practice to practice. Our principles guide and inform our journey toward more Agility.

We’ve assembled a group of builders and creators that are focused on solving business problems with the maximum throughput that also reduces your IT backlog more quickly and effectively.

In the end we find it all stems from teams, backlogs, and working, tested software. Our approach to software development is more trustworthy, dependable and lightning-fast, compared to the alternatives.