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Toward a Continuous Flow


I’ve observed that most software delivery processes in the “real world” are hybrid processes. It’s rare for an organization to follow a defined method to the letter. That said, there seem to be four common reference models, and real processes often lean more heavily on one of these than the other three: Linear Iterative Timeboxed […]

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Works on my Machine


One of the most insidious obstacles to continuous delivery (and to continuous flow in software delivery generally) is the works-on-my-machine phenomenon. Anyone who has worked on a software development team or an infrastructure support team has experienced it. Anyone who works with such teams has heard the phrase spoken during (attempted) demos. The issue is so common there’s even […]

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We Tried That, and it Didn’t Work


I once used a hammer and it didn’t work. Therefore, people should never use hammers. If you find that reasoning satisfactory, then you may also appreciate the following statements: We tried pair programming and it didn’t work. We tried test-driven development and it didn’t work. We tried Scrum and it didn’t work. We tried User Stories […]

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The state of mainframe continuous delivery


What’s in this article Mainframe continuous delivery overview The literature Issues with Mainframe-hosted solutions Observations from the field A glimpse into the future Mainframe Continuous Delivery Overview Continuous delivery is an approach to software delivery that seeks to break down the rigid series of phases through which software normally passes on the journey from a […]

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