Atlanta Scrum Meetup: Emergent Architecture

WRITTEN BY Mike Cottmeyer

One of the biggest issues folks struggle with (when adopting agile) is balancing the ‘need’ for up-front planning with the idea that the best architectures emerge over time.  How do we balance the need to inspect and adapt with the desire to know what we are going to deliver, when we are going to be done, and how much things are going to cost when we get there.

To me, this falls into the category of ‘non-trivial problems’, so I pulled out the big guns.  I asked my good friend Brian Sondergaard, the Director of Architecture at Fiserv, to see what he could do to help us untangle some of the underlying issues.  I provided the abstract… Brian provided the presentation.

Here is the abstract I asked Brian to speak to:

“How do we handle the balance between the big up front plan, the ivory tower EA team, with the need to inspect and adapt and respond to the emerging needs of our customers? Brian Sondergaard, the Director of Architecture at Fiserv, will do the talk.”

Here is the presentation Brian came up with:

Brian did an excellent job… you guys should check out his presentation!

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