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  • Mike Cottmeyer

    Mike Cottmeyer

    Chief Executive Officer

    Mike serves as LeadingAgile’s resident champion of core agile values and principles. He is passionate about solving the challenges associated with adopting agile in larger, more complex enterprises and is passionate about leading large-scale agile transformations. Mike has held many certifications, such as: Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Project Management Professional (PMP),…

  • Dennis Stevens

    Dennis Stevens

    Chief Methodologist

    LeadingAgile Chief Methodologist and Co-Founder, Dennis Stevens has been helping organizations solve the challenges associated with product development in larger, more complex enterprises for over 25 years – leading major projects and Agile transformations in many global enterprises. He helped bring Agile to PMI: serving on the steering committee of the…

  • Jim Cundiff

    Jim Cundiff


    LeadingAgile President and Co-Owner, Jim Cundiff, brings over 25 years of executive management experience with public and private sector corporations, nonprofit organizations and private investment funds. His role as President is to help position LeadingAgile to the forefront of the industry. Developing ways to advance our mission and objectives and to promote…

  • Rachel Howard

    Rachel Howard

    Chief Cultural Officer

    Rachel is a “people person.” Sociable, outgoing, charismatic, and professional are merely a few of the kind words her peers use to describe her. As you might suspect, these characteristics have been a boon to her career in talent acquisition and recruiting. Her skillset has also translated well in her…

  • Chris Beale

    Chris Beale

    Chief Technology Officer

    Chris Beale is a strong transformational technology executive who knows how to build and lead world-class organizations that consistently deliver extraordinary business outcomes quickly, efficiently, frequently, and reliably. He’s held multiple roles in the industry such as: Chief Architect for Digital Manufacturing at Dassault Systems, VP of Product Development at Inteplan,…

  • Paul Argiry

    Paul Argiry

    Chief Financial Officer

    Joining LeadingAgile in 2016, Paul brings almost 25 years of experience from his roles at Red Hat (Vice President and Treasurer), Jabil Circuit (Senior Director of Corporate Finance & Treasury and Director of Finance for Mergers & Acquisitions), and PwC (Mergers & Acquisitions Manager and Audit & Business Advisory Manager).…

  • Michael Noel

    Michael Noel

    Chief Operating Officer

    LeadingAgile Chief Operating Officer, Michael Noel, spent the past 20 years transforming businesses to eliminate waste and achieve clearly defined business value outcomes. His career as a change agent spans Management Consulting and C-Suite Executive roles in small and large organizations. He has experience leading product development and corporate technology…

  • Brian Sondergaard

    Brian Sondergaard

    Chief Innovation Officer

    Brian is a seasoned, Senior Executive. He’s recognized as an expert in both creating and leading Lean organizations that leverage Agile mindsets and methodologies to improve business outcomes and deliver sustainable growth. Widely known as a strategic thinker, with a passion for architecture, he has demonstrated more than 30 years…

  • Tim Zack

    Tim Zack

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Tim Zack is a digital native with with over 10 years experience solving marketing problems with technology. Throughout his agency career he has helped brands drive bottom line results through an approach to marketing that encourages continuous refinement through learning. He has a passion for brands that share his hunger…


  • David Whitney

    David Whitney

    Innovator in Residence

    David Whitney is an experienced management consultant, university instructor, investment banker, private equity investor, venture capital fund manager, angel investor, entrepreneur, and innovator. As a management consultant, Whitney advises companies of…


  • Marty Bradley

    Marty Bradley

    Marty has over 25 years of management and technical experience in Agile and traditional development methodologies. As a startup founder,…

  • Pat Trigonoplos

    Pat Trigonoplos

    Pat Trigonoplos has been leading organizational Transformation in large Telecommunications and Financial Services organizations for over 25 years. He has…

  • Steve Cover

    Steve Cover

    Steve Cover is an accomplished senior technology executive with extensive experience in the design, development, and operations of commercial software…

  • Jeff Howey

    Jeff Howey

    Jeff is passionate about solving the problem that many organizations face where uncoordinated and individual goals lead to project ideas…

  • Heidi Musser

    Heidi Musser

    Heidi is passionate about “managing the soft side of technology” © through the adoption of new ways of working, thinking,…

  • Karina Bernacki

    Karina Bernacki

    Karina Bernacki is a distinguished executive and experienced organizational change agent. She holds a deep passion for human-centered design, digital marketing and…

  • Greg DePasquale

    Greg DePasquale

    Greg is a dynamic, Agile Transformation leader and coach with over 15 years of experience. He’s passionate about helping organizations…

  • Maggie Bullington

    Maggie Bullington

    Maggie has over 20 years of technical, management, and executive experience in software—both in product and consulting organizations. Shortly after…

  • Julianne Jones

    Julianne Jones

    Julianne has over 14 years of experience consulting with Fortune 500 companies and she’s considered to be an expert in…

  • Chris Papadakis

    Chris Papadakis

    Chris is an accomplished senior technology executive focused on leading organizational transformations and M&A integrations. He’s passionate about leading change in…

  • Yaton Bowens

    Yaton Bowens

    Yaton Bowens is an experienced technology and product development professional with extensive executive leadership experience, who seeks opportunities to create…

  • Melissa Oberg

    Melissa Oberg

    Melissa has over 15 years of management and technical experience in a range of functional roles. She has worked in…

  • Scott Sehlhorst

    Scott Sehlhorst

    Scott Sehlhorst leverages his 25 plus years in product management & strategy consulting, software development, and mechanical engineering to help…

  • Rick Austin

    Rick Austin

    With over 20 years of software development experience, Rick comes to LeadingAgile as an expert in the financial services industry.…

  • Tim Wise

    Tim Wise

    Tim Wise is a Senior Consultant, speaker, and avid Agile practitioner. He grew up in large, corporate America and start-ups…

  • Greg King

    Greg King

    Greg King is an IT Management Executive with twenty years of experience in the fields of finance, software development and…

  • Andrew Fuqua

    Andrew Fuqua

    Andrew is one of LeadingAgile’s earliest team members. He’s seen the company grow from its infancy to the cutting-edge leader…

  • Dean Stevens

    Dean Stevens

    Dean is a Senior Consultant at LeadingAgile, and his focus is on developing and managing Agile requirements to delivering effective…

  • Dave Nicolette

    Dave Nicolette

    Dave Nicolette has been an IT professional since 1977. He has served in a variety of technical and managerial roles.…

  • Michael Fortunato

    Michael Fortunato

    Michael Fortunato has over 25 years of experience in large program and project management across a wide range of industries.…

  • Tom Churchwell

    Tom Churchwell

    Quality. Steady, value-added work. Learning. Tom considers these values as the “hallmarks of great organizations,” and he is dedicated to…

  • Jim Hayden

    Jim Hayden

    Jim Hayden brings over 25 years of leadership experience pragmatically solving complex problems and delivering tangible, bottom line results. The…

  • Dave Prior

    Dave Prior

    Click Here for Dave’s Upcoming Certified Scrum Training Courses Dave Prior has been leading technology projects and teaching individuals and…

  • Jon Harmer

    Jon Harmer

    Jon has spent the last nineteen years helping companies of all sizes figure out how to create innovative solutions to…

  • Jessica Wolfe

    Jessica Wolfe

    Jessica is an entrepreneurial-minded Agile Leader that has coached technology, financial, and healthcare companies at all levels. Her expertise in the…

  • Nate Carver

    Nate Carver

    An experienced and highly professional software craftsman with over 15 years’ experience, Nate focuses on delivering business value through working…

  • Nick Zdunic

    Nick Zdunic

    Nick originally comes from Perth, Western Australia where he has been working with Agile Methodologies since 2002, when Extreme Programming and the…

  • Camille Bell

    Camille Bell

    Camille Bell has over four decades of wide-ranging IT experience, where she has served in a range of technical and…

  • Tyler Grant

    Tyler Grant

    Throughout his career, Tyler Grant has a proven track record of excellence in client engagement through Agile methodologies.  He is prepared…

  • Mikkel Ladegaard

    Mikkel Ladegaard

    Mikkel adds value to organizations by structuring the gap between strategy and execution in order to maximize the value of…

  • Taylor James

    Taylor James

    Taylor recently received her B.S. in Exercise Science from Kennesaw State University. Before she graduated, she came to work for…

  • Vimlesh Kumar

    Vimlesh Kumar

    Vimlesh Kumar is a passionate software craftsman who has been helping organizations and teams focus on achieving continuous delivery of…

  • Sara McClintock

    Sara McClintock

    Sara is an Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach, CSP, CSM, CSPO, SAFe SA offering over 15 years of experience in IT/Software…

  • Joel Norman

    Joel Norman

    Joel Norman is polyglot developer, and leader, focused on delivering happiness via value to the customer.  After a decade of…

  • Todd Ewing

    Todd Ewing

    Todd Ewing brings more than a decade of hands-on experience delivering results with Lean and Agile methodologies as a senior…

  • John Greisner

    John Greisner

    John is an accomplished leader who leverages over twenty-five years of experience in business to lead Agile-Lean ways of working.…

  • Matt Smith

    Matt Smith

    Matt Smith is an Executive, Digital Transformation and Enterprise Architecture expert who creates business-driven IT organizations that are highly focused…

  • Rich Dammkoehler

    Rich Dammkoehler

    Rich has more than 20 years of professional experience developing large systems using cutting edge application development technologies. He has…

  • Gene Rogers

    Gene Rogers

    Gene is an experienced thought leader that drives complex transformational solution opportunities, which deliver value to customers. His abilities include…

  • Will Evans

    Will Evans

    Will Evans is an expert in organizational and customer-centric design. Product innovation and Agile Transformation are are two of his…

  • Jeff Streitmatter

    Jeff Streitmatter

    Jeff has a proven track record of leading with vision and solving complex problems. A recent Industrial & Systems Engineering…

  • Stephen Cavaliere

    Stephen Cavaliere

    Stephen is a multi-faceted developer who has spent most of his career working in Agile environments. He excels in delivering…

  • AJ Sanford

    AJ Sanford

    AJ is an effective leader who creates high functioning teams by cultivating relationships and being a change agent within organizations. She…

  • Brandon Dudley

    Brandon Dudley

    Brandon Dudley is a pragmatic Agilist and product development professional with years of experience leading global teams to bring software,…

  • John Maher

    John Maher

    John is a social scientist, who’s cross-trained in software development and management. His last 30+ years have been spent fostering…

  • Betsy Layman

    Betsy Layman

    Betsy Layman, is a dynamic technology leader that has been delivering IT solutions and customer service for over 20 years.…

  • Kevin McCoy

    Kevin McCoy

    Kevin has over 20 years of executive and management experience in both technology and operations – both in industry and…

  • Angela Gabriel

    Angela Gabriel

    Angela Gabriel is a highly effective and results-oriented senior professional with 24 years of demonstrated strategic and organizational capabilities in…

  • Nathan Hummel

    Nathan Hummel

    Nathan Hummel is an experienced Agile software development professional who is passionate about teaching individuals, teams, and organizations to not…

  • Doug Wells

    Doug Wells

    Doug Wells is a technology leader who seamlessly integrates geographically and culturally diverse resources into self-driven teams and creates business…

  • Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith is passionate about driving adoption of Agile practices and assisting teams in becoming high performing. She’s a change…

  • Sara Wortman

    Sara Wortman

    Sara graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a minor in Sustainability…

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