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The Journey

Adapting our approach to the goals of your organization

The patterns for scaling agile are well understood. Transformation is a process that can be planned, measured, and controlled. Let LeadingAgile show you how.

Let your journey beginSee where your company
will be along the
transformation journey
Basecamp 1
Stabilize the System
  • Form Complete Agile Teams
  • Create Product Roadmaps
  • Generate Detailed Backlogs
Basecamp 2
Reduce Batch Size
  • Begin Quarterly Release Planning
  • Implement Technical Practices
  • Introduce Flow Based Metrics
Basecamp 3
Decouple Teams
  • Legacy Refactoring
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • DevOps
Basecamp 4
Increase Local Autonomy
  • Team Based Projects
  • Software Capitalization
  • Adaptive Governance
BaseCamp 5
Invest to Learn
  • Outcome Based Accountability
  • Innovation Focused
  • Design Thinking and Lean Startup
Your Destination
  • Predictability
  • Quality
  • Early ROI
START B1 B2 B3 B4 B5

Keeping Everyone Safe

Stay business focused at all times and aggressively manage change

Getting to your destination is worth the effort and the risk, but this is a huge investment of time, energy, and resources. We can show you how to reach your goals safely… demonstrating tangible business benefits every step of the way.


Deciding Which Path to Take

Get moving fast while laying the foundation for future success

We help you craft a series of intermediate states called ‘basecamps’ that allow you to manage expectations, demonstrate early wins, and stay focused on the work left to do. Better business outcomes can’t wait until you are done with your transformation.


Organizing For Success

Everyone doesn't have to change at the same time or at the same pace

We help you define groups of teams called ‘expeditions’ who begin their transformation together. Expeditions are sequenced based on business impact and are often at different basecamps at different times… sometimes heading toward different destinations.


Basecamp 1: Getting Predictable

Teams, Backlogs, and Working Tested Software

Each expedition will initially focus on stabilizing teams, getting clarity around what they need to build and when they need to build it, and establishing the necessary conditions to produce a working tested increment of the product on regular intervals.


Basecamp 2: Reducing Batch Size

Release Planning, Technical Practices, Flow Based Metrics

Once we’ve stabilized the system, now is the time to focus on working in smaller batches at the enterprise level. This will require attention to the enterprise value streams, release cadence, and technical practices. In addition, delivery metrics are hardened and baselined.


Basecamp 3: Breaking Dependencies

Legacy Refactoring, Continuous Deployment, DevOps

To this point, we’ve incurred unnecessary planning overhead due to the presence of dependencies. Many of the dependencies are technical and require technical solutions, but some are related to the business process and the organizational hierarchy.


Basecamp 4: Increasing Local Autonomy

Team Based Funding, Software Capitalization, Adaptive Governance

With dependencies broken, now is the time to have the teams begin operating with more autonomy. To do this, we must address how funds are allocated both to projects and products, how we manage the economics of delivery, and how we govern spending.


Basecamp 5: Investing to Learn

Outcome Based, Innovation Focused, Design Thinking

Some teams will innovate within established product guidelines, others will need to invent the next big thing. Either way the barriers to innovation have been removed and you are free to think differently about how you relate to your markets.


Are you ready?

Getting started with LeadingAgile is quick and easy. We try to keep everything as low risk and as easy as possible. We are willing to invest our time to earn your trust. The process starts with a quick phone call to determine how we can help. We like to follow this initial call with a face to face whiteboard session to learn more about your company and explore our approach in greater depth.

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