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The Two Faces of Agile


Some folks are using agile to invent. They are trying to figure out the right products to build for markets that don’t even know what they want. They are experimenting, learning, and adapting their approach based on super-fast feedback cycles… and the outcomes, the products they are trying to build, are emergent. The end goal […]

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Beyond Functional Silos with Communities of Practice – Agile 2012 Slide Deck


Beyond functional silos with communities of practice from Dennis Stevens   We had over 100 sign up for this one – and the room was completely full. We talked about using Communities of Practice to support Agile adoption and sustainability in the Enterprise.  We went through a Community of Practice charter exercise. Again, over a […]

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Agile and the Nature of Decision Making – Agile 2012


Agile and the nature of decision making from Dennis Stevens I had about 100 people show up for the workshop. There was really good participation in the workshop. Most walked away with a clearer understanding of how important it was to be intentional about managing risk on Agile projects in the Enterprise. Over a third […]

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