About Dean Stevens

Pragmatic Lean-Agile coach, trainer and consultant

I believe change can be a positive experience and requires learning to change minds and participation to change hearts. I am passionate about teaching people while delivering business results. I am always delighted along with my clients when they discover, really understand, how they can improve business performance with technology using a pragmatic LEAN approach. First, they will “see” the opportunity and then they can learn a better way. Of course, changing old ways is still hard work and requires guidance, experience and skills. Whether the change is process or technology, I strive to make the engagement personally and professionally rewarding for all of us.

Do what makes Lean and Agile sense. As a business manager early in my career, I learned to make value flow. You must understand the process and the people. You must understand the customer and the business. You must focus on growing both people and results. I learned this all requires foundational principles, leadership and judgment. Now I teach what I have learned as I continue to learn.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University and my Master of Business Administration from Georgia State’s Executive MBA program.

Recent Key Engagements and Presentations:

• Implemented PMO using Value Network Mapping, Kanban and Lean-Agile Analysis in 2010. Case study presented at LSSC10. http://www.slideshare.net/dennisstevens/using-agile-and-lean-to-lead-business-transformation-agile-2010
• Implemented PMO using Value Network mapping and Lean-Agile Analysis. Case study cited in HBR article, “The Next Revolution in Productivity” (2008)
• Published “Taming the Agile Enterprise: Value Network Mapping” (2010) whitepaper on Gantthead.com.
• Presented “Feeding the Agile Beast” at LSSC10. www.infoq.com/presentations/Feeding-the-Agile-Beast
• ICAgile – Chief Course Reviewer
• Lean Software and Systems Consortium – Speaker and contributor to conference planning
• PMI Atlanta Agile LIG – Speaker and contributor to planning

Social Media

• Twitter: @leanopinions
• Blog: www.blogspot.LeanOpinions.com
• LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/stevensdean