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Why Iterative Planning?


First, I would like to credit Eric Ries in his 2010 Web 2.0 speech for giving me the idea for these awesome graphics. If you have never seen the speech then I highly recommend the version found on YouTube. I have always admired people with creative slides who can capture ideas with elegant simplicity. Since […]

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Converting Feelings to Metrics with a “Safety Check”


In the quest to understand how the delivery teams feel about changes in delivery process, a simple tool called the “Safety Check” can be used to measure how empowered the team feels. Other measures such as participation, active discussion, and happiness indicators can be subjective or influenced externally. With all the metrics there is a […]

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10 Tips for Better Story Estimation


The foundation of predictable delivery is to make a commitment to an iteration of work using story estimation. In order to make a commitment, delivery teams need to estimate how much work there is and determine whether that work will fit within the iteration timeframe. So, how do you make sure you’re doing a good […]

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Defect Driven Test Automation


A team needs guidelines when starting to use automated tests.   Not only is the development of tests expensive in terms of development time but on going maintenance of test also consume development time.  One option for building a testing strategy is to use defect reports to define software use patterns.  The goal is to build […]

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