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Business Capabilities and Microservices


I don’t often use this forum to link out to other websites and authors, but I read a post last night by Martin Fowler and James Lewis that really gets to the heart of this issue around encapsulation, decoupling, and value streams I’ve been talking about lately. http://www.leadingagile.com/2014/08/encapsulating-value-streams-object-oriented-enterprise/ http://www.leadingagile.com/2014/08/agressive-decoupling-scrum-teams/ The article does a great job […]

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Aggressive Decoupling of Scrum Teams


What does aggressive decoupling look like? Last post I talked about the failure modes of Scrum and SAFe and how the inability to encapsulate the entire value stream will inevitably result in dependencies that will kill your agile organization. But Mike… as some level of scale, you have to have dependencies? Even if we are […]

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