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Teams 102


Much of my personal journey over the past 8 years has involved unpacking some of the more dense concepts we tend to take for granted when we talk about agile. For me, it’s all about understanding the primitives of these approaches and trying to figure out how to apply them in unique ways. I’m deeply […]

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Teams 101


The notion of forming complete cross functional teams is one of the most well understood concepts in the agile community but maybe one of the least implemented in practice. Many folks adopting agile either don’t understand the importance of teams, or if they do… they don’t have the power to influence the organization to build […]

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Reframing to Reduce Risk


From what I have been able to decipher in my career businesses are around to make money. The way they make money is by offering goods and services to people willing to pay for them. Each business has their idea of the best way to deliver these goods and services they believe in some way […]

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