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Are We Succeeding With an Enterprise Transformation?

enterprise transformation

Over the past few years I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with over 65 different teams in various levels of small, medium, and large businesses. In each case I was either leading the teams or advising the teams on how to become more adaptive. When I joined LeadingAgile, I was thrilled to have access […]

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Time To Up The Accountability Of Your Agile Teams

Time To Up The Accountability Of Your Agile Teams

In my last entry, I talked a bit about what accountability means to me. Check it out to create a shared understanding between us before reading on… In this continuation, I will begin to dive into structures that support accountability at scale. For now, there seems to be enough material at the scrum team level […]

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Don’t Give Partial Credit


What do you do with stories that don’t finish before the end of the sprint? Do we get partial credit? I’m asked that a lot. Everyone wants to know whether to split the story and what to do with the points. Don’t give partial credit for unfinished stories or make untestable splits. Don’t Bother Splitting […]

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