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Use Feature Teams. Yes, Use Component Teams


This is a follow-on to my post on starting an agile transformation with Structure 1st and to Mike Cottmeyer’s great article on feature teams and component teams and is based on some discussions I’ve had with Dennis Stevens. In fact, I stole some of this text directly from Dennis. At some scale, having pure feature […]

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Structure 1st: Why You Should Not Start With Practices


Starting your agile transformation with a focus on practices is not an entirely bad idea, but with the wrong culture and structure, agile practices will be superficial. People will go through the motions. People will do agile things like have standups, demos, and planning meetings. You’ll have stories. It will look agile on the surface. […]

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Organizational Myopia?


Okay… I want to write a quick little post here to point out something that is becoming increasingly obvious to me. I’ve talked quite a bit over the past year about the ongoing feature team/component team debate. We talk about how agile teams are supposed to deliver an end-to-end cross-functional slice of the application architecture. […]

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