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Managing the Impossible with an Agile Budget

businessman with scissors cutting label Budget

The Agile Budget Release planning is without a doubt one of the most challenging responsibilities for agile teams… at least that’s what I’ve experienced both personally and while coaching enterprises through transformations. Most teams are working to deliver solutions where the question of “what will I get” at the end of a release can not […]

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Product Vision Tools Part 1: The Product Vision Board


Creating a Clear Product Vision Product vision is super important to the success of your product. I know, its just a simple statement, right? How much impact can it really have? More than you can imagine. A product vision gives us the direction and focus we need to deliver something, anything, that will ultimately solve […]

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We Need a Shared Understanding


Earlier this week, I facilitated a backlog refinement meeting.  In the past, the team was used to the analysts to complete all of the requirements in advance. The delivery team would then execute on those requirements. The problem, of course, was no shared understanding. We came into the meeting with everyone agreeing they were on […]

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