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An Aggressive But Realistic Delivery Date?


I recently received an email asking about release planning. The sender wanted help understanding how to move ideas through the flow to create a mature backlog. The note went on to ask how to properly “estimate, prioritize and reach an aggressive but realistic delivery date”. My immediate thought was, this is agile: total project story […]

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Estimating Placeholder Stories is a Bad Practice


Placeholder stories, in general, are a bad idea. Estimating placeholder stories to reserve capacity or to get credit is a very bad idea. Define “Placeholder Stories” Of course, all stories are “placeholders for a conversation”, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I am also not talking about things like “Refactor the such-n-such class as we start work on […]

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Don’t Give Partial Credit


What do you do with stories that don’t finish before the end of the sprint? Do we get partial credit? I’m asked that a lot. Everyone wants to know whether to split the story and what to do with the points. Don’t give partial credit for unfinished stories or make untestable splits. Don’t Bother Splitting […]

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Don’t Estimate Stories In Sprint Planning


This is part three in a series on estimating. Part one was “Don’t Estimate Software Defects” and Part two was “Don’t Estimate Spikes”. I don’t estimate stories in sprint planning. Nor do I re-estimate stories in sprint planning. I estimate stories in a separate estimating meeting and usually at least a couple sprints in advance, […]

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A Lesson In Process Improvement


Regardless of your organization and goals, everyone is trying to do things better.  I commonly hear about management asking its people to do more faster, often with less. One major mistake I see time and time again are organizations trying to do things faster before really understanding their own processes.  If you don’t stop and really […]

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