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A Lesson In Process Improvement


Regardless of your organization and goals, everyone is trying to do things better.  I commonly hear about management asking its people to do more faster, often with less. One major mistake I see time and time again are organizations trying to do things faster before really understanding their own processes.  If you don’t stop and really […]

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Getting Predictable


Over the past few weeks, I’ve made two assertions about new agile teams. First… teams need to get good at calling their shots. To me, that means that over time, a well-formed, stable team should get good at being able to predict what they will get done over the course of the next iteration. Second… […]

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How Big Is Your Bucket?


A few posts back, I asked if an agile team should be expected to call their shots. In other words, should we expect that over time, an agile team should be able to accurately predict what they’ll be able to deliver at the end of the iteration? My assertion was that predictability at the iteration […]

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