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our gear

our gear

LeadingAgile is a company solely focused on leading and sustaining agile transformations. Our gear is the set of products and services we bring to support you on your journey to a sustainable agile transformation.

LeadingAgile offers a unique blend of coaching and consulting, staff augmentation, and training tailored to support the unique needs of your organization.  We do all our consulting, coaching, and training for a reasonable flat day rate regardless of service offering. This enables us to adapt the engagement as we learn more about your organization and you learn more about what we can offer.  If you need training, we train, if you need hands-on coaching, we coach.  It’s an easy model that our customers appreciate as do we.

Coaching and Consulting

Our coaching team has quite a diverse and varied set of backgrounds and experiences.  As you might imagine, our folks are all deeply experienced with agile and leading agile transformations at scale. Collectively, our people have served in startups and large enterprises and at all levels of the corporate hierarchy.

We have folks with deep experience guiding executives, middle managers, and teams. Some of our people are highly technical while some are not. They unify around their deep passion for agile and leading agile transformations. They are pragmatic partners and trusted advisors to help you lead your organization forward.

Introducing the LeadingAgilist

We’ve recently expanded our practice to help our clients fill roles in their organization that don’t require the firepower of a coach. We’ve been exploring what to call these folks, and have settled (for now) on the title LeadingAgilist.

We are initially focusing on roles closer to our core coaching competency: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Project Manager, and Agile Business Analyst.

Public and Private Training

We do offer public training as a way to establish presence in our communities and add value for clients we’ve already helped. If you call us for private training, we are certainly happy to help, and are probably the best deal in town. Be warned that we will be looking for ways to broaden our engagement and we are really good at poking holes in what you think you’re doing really well.

Training is almost never enough to support the kinds of changes we think are necessary to make a real difference.  While it’s part of our offering, our experience shows us that training is not a solution to enterprise problems.  Solving enterprise problems is our passion and what we do.