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Agile is Risk Management


There was a great question last week in the comments of one of my blog posts. The reader asked if agile offered any unique proposals for managing risk on a project? I’ve been blending my traditional background in project management with agile for several years now and sometimes I have to remind myself of what […]

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“You can’t be pro pizza and anti-gluten.” Jimmy Kimmel In a recent skit on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show, random people in LA who were on gluten-free diets were asked to define what gluten actually was. It became tragically comic when nearly all the people quizzed had no idea. We are too willing to make […]

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Agile Risk Management – Logistical Risk


This is the final installment of a three part series on Risk Management. Part one discussed how I think about business risk. Part two dealt with how to think about technical risk. This post will address some things to think about when considering logistical risk. Logistical Risk Logistical risk deals timing and team member availability. […]

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