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Continuous Backlog Refinement


Create your initial backlog, then stay on top of it. Here’s the how and why of Continuous Backlog Refinement. In my previous article, I talked about compressed backlog refinement in which a backlog is taken from crude to well-groomed in a matter of days through a series of intensive refinement meetings with the whole team. […]

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Cheat Sheet for Backlog Refinement


What is it? The purpose of backlog refinement (grooming) is to make improvements to the product backlog.  Though there is no official ceremony detailed in the Scrum Guide, the activity of refining the Backlog is. Who does it? Backlog Refinement is a collaborative effort involving: (Optional) facilitator – (like a ScrumMaster) keeps the session moving toward […]

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Simple Cheat Sheet to Sprint Planning Meeting


What is it? In textbook Scrum, the purpose of the Sprint Planning Meeting is for the entire team to agree to complete a set of ready top-ordered product backlog items. This agreement will define the sprint backlog and is based on the team’s velocity or capacity and the length of the sprint timebox. Who does it? […]

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