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There are a lot of resources available out there, many of which are behind a paywall. We don’t think you should have to pay to get access to good information. Check out our most popular free agile resources and learn more about specific agile topics.


Video on Agile Adoption and Transformation
Video on Blending Scrum and Kanban to Create an End-to-End Agile Enterprise
Agile Adoption Past the Team
The Agile PMP
Agile in the Enterprise
Agile Project Management, Building Effective Teams

Published Works

“The Next Revolution In Productivity”, Harvard Business Review, June 2008

SlideShare Presentations

Exploring Agile Transformation and Scaling Patterns
Understanding Agile Project Management
Blending Scrum and Kanban
Enterprise Agile
Agile Requirements Design
Good and Bad of Agile Offshore Development
Agile 101 – What Agile Is and What Agile Is Not
Introduction to Agile Planning & Project Management
How to Own a Really Big Complex Project
Scaling Agile Past the Team
Getting Started with Agile
The Agile PMP
Using RUP As a Scaling Framework for Scrum
From Agile2013 – Sustainable Change

Partner Resources

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