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APLN Seattle Leadership Summit

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: APLN Seattle Leadership Summit

For the past few years, local APLN chapters have been hosting regional Leadership Summits. These events have been very well received and attract fantastic speakers and exceptional local thought leaders througout the agile community.

The summit targets both new and seasoned Agile leaders at all levels: organizational leaders, product leaders, and project leaders. This is your chance to spend a whole day with some of the leading experts in the area of Agile Leadership, to network with with other agile leaders and to share your experiences and concerns with those who are in the same situation as yourself.

The Dallas Summit was a huge success! Next up is Seattle.

The APLN Leadership Summit format includes:

  • Networking opportunities throughout the day
  • Speakers addressing how to lead their organizations to become agile.
  • “Think Tank” sessions on Agile Leadership with topics addressing advanced leadership tools, experiences, lessons learned, and issues yet to be resolved, decided by the group.
  • Networking social at the end of the first day to review think tank solutions and suggestions.

David Anderson is lining up an all star crew to host the event. So far he has lined up the following thought leaders:

  • Brent Barton, CTO, Solutions IQ
  • Jim Benson and Corey Ladas, Modus Cooperandi
  • Bruce Eckfeldt, Managing Director, Principal, Cyrus Innovation
  • Mike Griffiths, Founder, Leading Answers
  • Lisa Haneberg, Author
  • Mitch Lacey, Accentium Senior Project Leader
  • David Anderson, Founder of Modus Cooperandi
  • also… Luke Hohmann, Jeff Patton, and Arlen Bankston

If you are in the area, or able to make a the trip, this event will be well worth attending.

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