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Supporting Agile

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Supporting Agile

John Boghos is writing a blog. This post is to let you know a little about John and why you need to care about his new site… Supporting Agile.

John and I work together at VersionOne. John is our customer support lead and is passionate about being excellent in customer service. John is one of those rare… albeit strange folks that are really interested in this space and want to explore how to do it better.

I did a few years of customer support early in my career. It is a hard, often thankless job, and I did not last long. John has made a career out of this. Over the past twenty-four years John has worked in food service, telemarketing, telecommunications, project management, and the software industry.

John’s blog is going to explore how to manage a support queue using agile techniques and principles. He will also discuss how to best work with an agile team when you are the guy supporting their product. This is an interesting space that needs some more attention.

There are lots of teams out there using iterations, story points, backlogs, and velocity to try to make some sense out of their support queues. These are teams that are striving to become more predictable and eliminate waste in their processes. I am really interested in what John has to say and look forward to reading more from his experiences.

Visit to hear what John has to say. I doubt you will be disappointed.

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