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Survey Time!

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Survey Time!

There are a couple of survey’s going on that you guys need to be aware of… and more importantly… to take a few moments to go and fill out.

The first one I want to mention is a salary survey from VersionOne and ASPE. IT Salary surveys are nothing new but none of them so far have really focused on the specifics of the agile community. This is a great opportunity to see how our industry in doing and how we compare to other IT professionals. ┬áIn reality… I am really just hoping that all you guys make a bunch more money than me and I can use your data to make a solid case that I am underpaid ;-)

Okay, really… let’s put our data together and see where we stand, and hey, and if a few of us are able to get a raise out of the deal… all the better! You can click here to take the salary survey…

The second survey I want to mention is being conducted by a fellow blogger Jurgen Appelo over at Jurgen has been prolific lately with top 100 blog lists and top 50 twitter lists. When not compliling top 100 lists, Jurgen writes on agile management and is prone to go on long rants about complex adapative systems and other nonsense (just kidding Jurgen!). Every time I get mentioned on one of Jurgen’s lists, I get a 10% bump in traffic and usually pick up a few subscribers so I guess I owe him, huh?

Jurgen isn’t satisfied with the other agile surveys and has a few questions of his own he’d like answered. He is interested in what practices are most closely associated with agile… what practices are most important… and what practices are most commonly applied. These are great questions so please take a moment to head over to and read Jurgen’s post… follow the directions… and complete the survey.

Here is a link to Jurgen’s post with the survey information

Thanks for supporting the agile community and for taking a few moments out of your day to help a couple of worthy causes!

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