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On My Way to Vegas…

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: On My Way to Vegas…

Okay… so this is a throwaway post.

I am on the plane to Vegas with my wife and decided to try out the Delta WiFi service in route. While I am up here it is my goal to write a blog post (done), Twitter (done), and chat with some friends over Facebook (done). I might check LinkedIn and then dip into my VersionOne email for a little while. You just gotta love where technology is headed… can’t even get a connectivity free existence on the airplane anymore.

It was only $12.95 for the entire duration of a 4-hour flight. I can remember those onboard cell phones that used to cost like $9.95 a minute. Might see if I can use Skype to call my kids!
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  1. Bill Gaiennie

    Hey Mike, connectivity in the air is wonderful, isn't it? I was on a Delta flight a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to find the same thing, GoGo inflight broadband. Don't think that they allow any VOIP, but still, there is plenty that you can do from the air. I was only on a 2 hour flight, so most of what I was able to accomplish was telling everyone (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.) that I was writing what I was writing at 33,000 and was loving it. That is until the a-hole in the row in front of me started playing YouTube videos of inane crap as loud as his computer would allow.

    There is always the good with the bad I suppose.


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